GOP needs to live up to promises on health care

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Recent study findings have determined the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had no effect on emergency room visits in Maryland. Millions of people were forced to give up health-insurance policies with which they were perfectly happy, so claims that "millions will lose their coverage" when Obamacare hits the dumpster ring hollow.

The evidence is clear: not having health insurance is associated with higher death rate, and getting coverage lowers mortality.

The initiative is how the groups - including Save My Care, Our Lives on the Line and Health Care for America Now, which are hubs of labor and progressive organizations' health care lobbying efforts - plan to gather voters' contact information, which can be used to direct those voters toward protests, town halls and more in the coming weeks and months. This was a procedural vote, not one on any particular piece of legislation.

In response to the recent blitz of votes of US Senate Republicans regarding their efforts to endanger healthcare for almost 33 million individuals, Sen.

"There has been considerable speculation regarding a so-called "skinny package" that would primarily eliminate penalties related to the individual and employer mandates and provide tax cuts to device manufactures and the health insurance industry", Dr. Barbe explained. Not even Republican senators know what they will be voting on today.

Narrow vote keeps Republicans' effort to repeal Obamacare alive
But he argued that opening debate would allow amendments to be brought forward from both Democrats and Republicans . Portman was one of the seven Republican senators who voted against the repeal-only Obamacare bill.

The politics of health care are on full display, and Sen.

Asked Tuesday if he had a sense of what the Senate debate will bring, Toomey replied, "Other than amendments? No". The measure under consideration reflected the text of the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act, which the CBO projected would result in 32 million more uninsured Americans by 2026 compared with current law.

After casting his "yea" vote on the motion to proceed, McCain then called for bipartisan solutions.

The July 25 editorial "Pull health care out of its death spiral" should be read by every citizen in America. The site explores the AMA's health reform objectives in depth and provides resource documents, patient profiles and grassroots action links to facilitate communications with their Senators.