"Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay is engaged

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As Radar readers know, the Miami-based chiropractor caught Lindsay's attention from the very start.

"In this world, in this experience, you have to take a leap of faith", she said.

When Rachel and Bryan appeared Tuesday morning on "Live With Kelly and Ryan", the Bachelorette seemed overjoyed and her choice was mighty confident. So they cut short the Fantasy Suite show and rolled it into the finale, which, frankly, makes the finale feel rushed and lose some of its romance. However, this is The Bachelorette, and if you are on the show, there is a certain expectation that there will be a proposal at the end. Rachel was always looking for more. Maybe that's because he said he still has feelings for Rachel? "To me it was so evident what we had was real, and Peter was someone who wasn't sure what he wanted".

"It would be a mistake if you didn't choose me".

"I think Bryan is probably a very nice person, but I felt the whole time on the show there was something a little -for me, personally - disingenuous".

"[I am engaged] to someone from the show", she told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! several weeks ago. Many fans were rooting for Peter expressed their disappointment on Twitter but Rachel seems to think she made the right pick.

Then Rachel speaks and admits she has fallen in love with Bryan too. "And for the first time, I stopped running away from it, and I was like, 'Why can't you have what you want?' And that was Bryan". "I don't think you got to see enough of him", she said, adding, "He's amusing, quirky, handsome", and "a serial monogamist".

After a breakup segment so teary that Lindsay cried off her false eyelashes and so steeped in emotion that the pair's lengthy kiss left viewers thinking, "Wait, so are they actually breaking up, or-?"

After a couple of overnight dates with Eric, Rachel reluctantly had to let him go. "It was like he was scripted", she said.

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For what it's worth, social media wants to see more of that gap-toothed grin! "I mean, the man told me I was going to have a mediocre life if I wasn't with him, and then apologized about it".

"I didn't give Bryan the easy road out". He still has feelings for Rachel, but they both wish each other the best.

Rachel Lindsay's journey to find love and a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring on The Bachelorette is finally drawing to a close.

"I'll always love you", he told Lindsay.

If she can't have him, no one can!

"It feels good to have him with me and by my side", Lindsay said.

Bryan joined Rachel in front of the studio audience and got down on one knee again to re-propose and put the ring back on her finger.

It seems nearly like Bryan was Rachel's second choice after a few emotionally confusing days with Peter, which is sad to think about given how sweet Bryan was throughout the show and how strong their connection was.

Ahead of "The Bachelorette" Season 13, Rachel revealed in an interview with Variety that she accepted a proposal at the end of her season in the show. He says he is trying to figure out if Rachel is the "one and only for the rest of my life", and Rachel agrees he should work on that.