"Mission: Impossible 6" production halts after Tom Cruise breaks ankle

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A video surfaced earlier this week of the action star hurting himself while shooting a stunt for his latest movie, Mission: Impossible 6. The actor walked away on his own power, but broke his ankle in the accident, according to a statement from Paramount Pictures.

Filming of Mission: Impossible 6 has been delayed by up to three months after its star Tom Cruise damaged his ankle in a botched stunt, U.S. media reported yesterday.

Likewise, director Christopher McQuarrie insisted in an interview with British movie magazine Empire that, although the exact length of the hiatus had not yet been determined, "nothing that we're looking at right now is going to affect the release date". The 55-year-old actor is known for performing many of his own stunts across the entire Mission: Impossible series. "The lesson I learned on Valkyrie, which had its share of difficulties in production, and we always used to say "disaster is an opportunity to excel", he added.

McQuarrie said Cruise was performing a stunt over numerous takes where he was meant to hit the wall of the building hard, climb onto the roof and sink to his knees. Also, when you look at what was posted on the internet, you can see Tom do the same stunt multiple times. "That's what gives the stunt its energy", the director said. He was supposed to jump from one building to the other but on his fourth try; he hit the building on a different angle.

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On Wednesday, Paramount revealed that Cruise had broken his ankle. "You can see it on his face". He knew in that instant, 'Well, we're not coming back here. "We're not doing this again today", he continued.

It's unclear how long filming on M:I6 will be delayed for, with some suggestions saying it could be three months, complicated by the fact that other members of the cast, including Henry Cavill and Rebecca Ferguson, are due to start other projects in the autumn.

He said: "What Tom is doing in this movie I believe will top anything that's come before". Tom got up and hobbled off-camera and we looked at it and went, wow, he really sold that one.