China orders North Korean business closed under United Nations sanctions

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South Korea expects North Korea to engage in more provocative action next month to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of its communist party and China's all-important Communist Party Congress.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson answers a question from the media on North Korea, while meeting with the Holy See Secretary for Relations with States Paul Gallagher, Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017, at the State Department in Washington.

Trump spoke at a White House news conference Tuesday.

Trump tweeted at the weekend that North Korea's leadership "won't be around much longer" if it keeps up its threats.

Trump blamed previous USA presidents for failing to deal with the North Korean threat. South Korea and the United States have said it is only to curb North Korea's missile threats.

But with the North now possessing an enhanced nuclear capability, the possibility of bad destruction in South Korea, Japan and perhaps even the US West Coast has increased dramatically.

China has always been North Korea's primary beneficiary for decades, helping the rogue regime skirt sanctions by exploiting the "livelihood clause" in past resolutions, but since President Donald Trump took office, the USA has put increased pressure on China to rein in its nuclear neighbor.

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Trump's latest orders put the onus on banks and other firms to find out whether their clients have any dealings with North Korea.

There has been no official confirmation from China of such a step.

The sanctions rely on an executive order President Donald Trump signed last week to target North Korea's access to the global banking system.

Evans Revere, a former senior diplomat who met with a North Korean delegation in Switzerland this month, said that Pyongyang had been reaching out to "organizations and individuals" to encourage talks with former United States officials to get a sense of the Trump administration's thinking.

On Tuesday, the administration designated eight North Korean banks, including Agricultural Development Bank, Cheil Credit Bank and International Industrial Bank.

The Trump administration is using new sanctions authority to punish eight North Korean banks and 26 bank workers living overseas.

They come as the United Nations has also recently passed its toughest sanctions package targeting North Korea. Speaking in South Korea Wednesday, U.S. Lieutenant General Thomas Bergeson said that a joint force with seamlessly integrated air power "is exactly that type of force that is necessary to interdict and then defeat a nuclear-capable enemy".