Destiny 2 Guide - How to get a Sparrow

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This was not the case for the original Destiny and the inclusion of microtransaction to the game has only amplified this issue.

In Destiny 2, players will need to put in a bit more effort to be able to use the hoverbike to quickly travel and explore.

You can only buy bright engrams after reaching the current level cap of 20 (so somebody must've been up late last night to get that far), but you can earn them for free after that. Rather than using a shader to change your character's color, you use them on individual items. For whatever reason, Bungie decided to make shaders work on only one piece of armor at a time, which means players would have needed to get four copies of the same shader if they wanted their entire outfit to match. Through the use of silver, players can go to the Eververse Trading Company and trade some of it to buy a Bright Engram which may or may not have a shader inside. That said, it seems like it could have been an easy controversy for Bungie to avoid altogether. You popped one into your shader slot and it would color all of your armor in matching tones. It can be used to efficiently travel across different places, as well as escape from dangers. Maybe you wanted a yellow hue instead of a blue one (or whatever else).

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In "Destiny 2", this concept still exists but the way it works has changed. The most popular is the thread calling for the boycott, which is nearing an incredible 40,000 upvotes as of this writing. The complaints from fans likely partly comes from the fact that the game is new and players are just at the beginning of their journey with the game. However, shaders are the biggest offender.

While there are fast travel points - and they load really quickly, too! - veterans will want to pull out a Sparrow - a hoverbike style vehicle taking you from A to B at a much faster pace than your own two feet deliver. The shader controversy is dominating discussion in the Destiny community, despite the fact that it exclusively involves cosmetics, because few things piss people off like games changing for the sake of microtransactions.