Mozilla outs Firefox Quantum Beta and Developer Edition

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Mozilla was particularly proud about the speed of Firefox Quantum. The goal is to make Firefox the fastest and smoothest browser for PCs and mobile devices - the company promised before that users can expect "some big jumps in capability and performance" through the end of the year.

Mozilla has also tweaked Firefox to give priority to the tab you're actively using.

The browser also utilized a new CSS engine written in Rust that runs parallel across multiple cores instead of running in one slower sequence on a single core.

At the time of writing, there are only 4,609 Firefox add-ons marked as supporting Firefox 57 on the Mozilla Add-ons portal from a total of almost 19,000.

Mozilla's next major browser update has arrived.

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"In addition, for the past several months we've run a browser-wide initiative to zap any instances of slowness you might encounter while using Firefox" said Nguyen. The beta version is available to download now. Mozilla said Quantum improves Firefox's integration with Pocket, with the ability to save content in one click from the address bar. We're confident that with Photon, Firefox Quantum users will be impressed by the modern new design that puts their needs first. The new UI is optimized for High DPI and touchscreen displays. It also introduces a new look to menus, square tabs, a Library button that is a home for bookmarks, downloads, history, saved Pocket articles, and so forth. Results will vary, however, based on the computer and apps you use (and remember, the video is from Mozilla so of course it's going to paint Firefox favorably). When you open a new tab, you'll see now trending web pages recommended by Pocket users so you won't miss out on what's hot online, as well as your top sites.

To complement the doubling of Firefox's performance due to all the "Quantum" improvements, Mozilla also made a decision to give Firefox a fresh look with a new "Photon" UI. The UI and user experience (UX) changes, derived from an ongoing project tapped as "Photon", also emphasize speed improvements, both real and simply perceived.

As always, developers will want to take a close look at what's in the pipeline. For now, users can try out the Beta stage, and Firefox Beta is available on the Play Store but you should be able to get it from APKMirror as well.

And to isolate it against the background of previous versions, Firefox 57 the Assembly was given a separate name.