Pope Francis Attacks President Trump on Climate

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The Trump administration announced September 5 that it would be taking steps to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, commonly known as DACA, which has benefited hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who entered the U.S.as minors.

He appeared to take a swipe at President Trump when he said: "The president of the United States. presents himself as a man who is pro-life".

Photo Pope Francis talking to journalists on Monday while flying to Rome at the end of a five-day visit to Colombia.

Noting that "the scientists say clearly what are the roads to follow", Francis emphasized that "all of us have a responsibility...and I believe we must take it seriously".

"Why are we waiting to acknowledge the effects of climate change?".

In his homily in Medellin, Pope Francis said that when Jesus's disciples first began following him, they had to go through a process of conversion and purification, changing the way they saw the relationship between Jewish law and faith in God.

It was on a plane during the 2016 election campaign that the pope said that Trump's plan of building a wall on the Mexican border "is not Christian".

Trump has said if Congress can't act in six months, he will "revisit" what to do with the program. They have called the decision "heartless" and "reprehensible".

"If we don't turn back, we will go down", Francis told reporters on Sunday on the plane returning from Colombia.

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Asked if he thought that ending DACA will cause youth who benefitted under the program to lose their joy and hope in the future, he said that when youth feel exploited, whether in this case or others, they are robbed of hope. "They speak very clearly", he said, referring to experts who blame global warming on man-made activities.

"Then", he said, "decide and history will judge the decisions".

In his response to Bannon's remarks, Dolan said Thursday on Sirius XM's Catholic Channel that the Bishops' opposition to the President on DACA "comes from the Bible itself, and we Catholics are people of the book..."

Francis said he did not fully understand the crisis in North Korea.

Pointing to Houston's recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey, west coast forest fires, a "flash drought" in the northwest, and Hurricane Irma battering Florida this weekend after ravaging several Caribbean islands, McKibben wrote: "That one long screed of news from one continent in one week (which could be written about many other continents and many other weeks-just check out the recent flooding in south Asia for instance) is a precise, pixelated portrait of a heating world".

Describing the accident, the pope said: "I was leaning over to greet children, I didn't see the glass, and boom!"

Francis reiterated his call for reconciliation in Colombia as it works to seal an end to a half-century civil conflict. It is a hard message for many Colombians, who still have the trauma of kidnappings and killings fresh in their minds, but one which seems to have already had an important effect.

Francis said he had been moved during his four city visit to Colombia Sept. 6-10 by the desire of people in the country to have peace following an agreement last year that ended a bloody 50-year war between the government and rebel guerilla forces.