Sonic Forces Launching This November

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Either way, Sega is surely looking at the numbers for both games as it plans Sonic's future.

Digital pre-orders haven't opened yet, nor do we know what kind of bonuses, if any, will be included, but Sega will announce digital pre-orders as the game draws closer to launch. The Sonic Forces Bonus Edition includes: four Sonic Forces art cards, a controller skin for your respective console, and the SEGA/ATLUS Pack - which contains items and accessories to Kit out your Hero Character in the image of five other SEGA/ATLUS icons!

Sega has announced that Sonic Forces, the Sonic Generations-esque 3D/2D platformer featuring a more enhanced adventure for the hedgehog, will release on November 7 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The pre-order DLC will be based on Jet Set Radio, Nights Into Dreams, Super Monkey Ball, Puyo Puyo and Persona 5.

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Sonic Forces is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Sonic fans who pre-order the game will receive five in-game skins and items referencing classic Sega and Atlus characters when the game comes out on November 7.

If you happen to be excited for the next Sonic game to release this year, which follows after Sonic Mania, and happens to go by the name of Sonic Forces, then there's good news in that a release and pre-order date has arrived.

If that isn't enough, these add-ons are also available in the game's Hero Character mode, which allows players to create their own characters.