Sony is going to release its very set of smart speaker

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The Sony LF-S50G speaker comes in black, white and blue, all of which have a base respective of the main speaker colour. The company took the wraps off the LF-S50G, which offers a lot of the same functionalities found on the Google Home and other similar devices. The design is simple, sophisticated and it is small enough to blend into a home, rather than stand out like Amazon Echo does. It pairs to your music device via Bluetooth or NFC, or you can just connect it to Wi-Fi and shout: "OK Google, play Despacito" to get the jams bumping.

Being resistant to splashes is one way to make the LF-S50G safe for the kitchen, but it also supports nouch-free gesture controls.

While Amazon's Echo and Google Home have been praised for their assistant innovation, their audio quality is notoriously patchy.

Starting with "OK Google", you can ask the speaker to play a certain artist, turn the volume up or down, ask how the weather is, or even ask it something like how to make Chinese dumplings.

Mini releases details of electric concept
No other finer detail is known, other than the fact that it will have "a characteristic go-kart feel and powerful electric motor". While the Mini E that you can buy in two years time will be toned down from this, the concept gives a glimpse of what's to come.

While Alexa has more skills, the Google Assistant is much happier to accommodate any random request (which is all part of the fun), and it does a better job of understanding natural language.

It's also the first of its kind to feature gesture control recognitio, which allows the user to begin playing music, skip tracks and adjust the volume by swiping a hand over the top of the device. Not simply Sony but rather different organizations have been building up their own savvy speaker, for example, Facebook is chipping away at a smart speaker with 15-inch Touch show. The LF-S50G also has an always-on clock that's embedded in its fabric. A full range speaker clearly reproduces vocal and treble notes, a dedicated subwoofer reproduces bass sounds, and the omnidirectional two stage diffuser spreads the sound in all directions so that everyone can feel the natural bass sounds pouring out of a compact speaker while enjoying the same sound quality from anywhere in the room. Unlike Apple's AirPods, Sony's earbuds can't be tracked, so you will have to a buy a new set if you lose them.

For more information on the LF-S50G please visit here. We got to see (and hear) a demo of the speaker in action at IFA in Berlin. Thanks to the Google Assistant integration, the Sony LF-S50G can also answer to your search queries along with reminders for events.

It will be available from November for £200.