Taco Bell adding booze at 300 new locations

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Taco Bell, the go-to, open-all-night solution for a taste for tacos that creeps up on you at midnight is known for its drive-thru service.

The fast food chain, known for late night stops at its drive-thrus for multilayered, cheesy, beef-filled burritos, will be created to express the local vibes of the areas in which they are located, featuring artwork, open kitchens, and digital menu boards, the report said.

Taco Bell's chief operating officer credits millennials' moving into downtown areas helping to revitalize urban areas. But these new restaurants won't be your typical drive-thru - in fact, they won't even have drive-thrus.

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And they'll be serving up a pretty wide selection of alcohol, Food & Wine reports, ranging from beer, wine and sangria to slushies spiked with tequila, rum and vodka. The move is reportedly part of Taco Bell's plan to make a larger presence in urban areas. In its latest plan, it intends to do away with drive-thrus and serve alcohol in big-city locales.

Taco Bell is about to put booze on the menu at more than 300 new locations. The current menu features "naked" and "dressed" egg tacos, skillet bowls and taco shells made with Doritos.