The Boomerang Hurricane Jose

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Deputy Director at The Bahamas Department of Meteorology Jeffery Simmons speaking with The Bahama Journal said it too early to predict the storm's exact path but The Bahamas should be in the clear.

In a pocket of weak steering winds in the open Atlantic, Jose is expected to make a clockwise loop.

Forecasters said with certainty that the storm would generate storm waves and rip currents on coasts of the Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas later in the week, according to the Weather Channel.

But, Jose is expected to strengthen slightly by late in the week to 80 miles per hour - still a Category 1 hurricane.

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However, most computer models indicate Jose will stay out to sea and complete a tight enough loop to avoid moving onshore.

The latest European model shows Jose circling around the west Atlantic for much of the upcoming week. "The official forecast goes out five days due to the considerable uncertainty beyond day five", a Monday afternoon update says. But forecasters warn that long-term forecasts are often off by hundreds of miles. As a much stronger Category 4 storm, the hurricane passed only 85 miles from the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda last weekend. "Jose was nearly up to a Cat 5 at one point, so that brought up some pretty cool water and I'm all for storms double backing and weakening". "Later this week and over the weekend, the hurricane is expected to move northwestward toward the east coast of the United States". It will likely dissipate from Tuesday evening, the National Hurricane Center said.

Jose was the third major hurricane in a row, behind Harvey and Irma. If history is a guide, more will be on the way.

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts until November 30.