Turkey brushes off North Atlantic Treaty Organisation concern over Russian missile defense system purchase

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Speaking to the Turkish press, President Erdoğan said that Turkey is "obliged to take safety and security measures" for its national defense, recalling that several weapons systems that Ankara sought to purchase were not made available in the west.

Moscow also confirmed the accord, with Vladimir Kozhin, Putin's adviser for military and technical cooperation, saying: "The contract has been signed and is being prepared for implementation".

The total worth of the S-400 missile system supply deal between Russian Federation and Turkey is more than 2 billion dollars, Komersant newspaper reported citing an anonymous source in the military.

"Meanwhile, spokesman of the German Foreign Ministry Martin Schaefer stressed that Berlin does not consider the matter to be of much concern".

A S-400 Triumf launch vehicle.

"They have gone mad because we signed an S-400 deal there. What were we supposed to do, wait for you?" the Turkish head of state said during a speech in Ankara on Wednesday. Some aspects of the deal are reportedly to be finalized, but Russian officials said the contract furthers Russia's geostrategic interests.

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The decision to procure the Russian system comes as Turkey finds itself frequently at odds with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, particularly the United States and Germany.

The S-400 system is an advanced Russian missile system created to detect, track, and destroy planes, drones, or missiles as far as 402 kilometers away.

Erdogan's remarks follow a statement from the US State Department on Tuesday which voiced concerns over Ankara's purchase of the Russian missile system.

Erdogan has been critical of Washington for supporting Kurdish groups in Syria that it says are responsible for terror attacks inside Turkey.

The U.S. Defense Department said that it relayed its concerns to Turkey, and that the U.S.is committed to expediting the delivery of military equipment purchased by Turkey when possible.