We Finally Know Something Meaty about Red Dead Redemption II

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Rockstar Games revealed the first story trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 in a livestream this morning. It's set for release on the PS4 and Xbox One, with no news of a planned PC release as of yet. This is the first chunk of real, substantial footage we've had a chance to dissect since the game was officially announced earlier this year. The trailer introduces a younger-looking Dutch, who you may recall having a few more crow's feet in the original PlayStation 3 game. Suffice to say, fans have waited long enough for the 3rd game in the Red Dead franchise. The bow and arrow was a popular choice for players of Red Dead Revolver, the 2004 action Western that went on to inspired Red Dead Redemption and its follow-up. (See more video game release dates here.) Now that you can actually pre-order the game, it should be a done deal.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - new announcement time, trailers so far, rumoured map and location, returning characters and everything we know

Originally released in 2010, the original Red Dead Redemption generated a massive amount of fans across a wide range of platforms, becoming one of the most iconic titles in recent years. We now know that the main character is an outlaw named Arthur Morgan and the gang of other characters he's with form the Van der Linde gang. Instead, we could see Grand Theft Auto V's excellent character-switching mechanic come into play with players switching between protagonists. Since the official description refers to the game's setting as "America's unforgiving heartland", the location will be different from the previous game which was in the southernmost states and part of Mexico.

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