Australian Govt loses majority after court ruling

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He said he was unaware of his dual nationality before the election.

Barnaby Joyce has blasted Liberal Party figures for sniping at the Nationals over the dual citizenship saga, reminding them the junior Coalition partner was responsible for winning last year's election.

Here's what he said to the media in his home town of Tamworth, directly after the High Court decision.

Ian who was a former Acting Speaker of the House in the Western Australian Parliament is on the move back to New South Wales and was keen to put his hand up for this by-election.

Barnaby Joyce was one of seven politicians affected by a High Court decision which disqualified him because he held dual citizenship when he ran for election past year.

"I had no reason to believe that, you know, I was a citizen of any other country than Australia".

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The loss of the seat will force Turnbull to reach out to one of three independent lawmakers to maintain a ruling majority.

The deputy of Joyce's National Party, Fiona Nash, alongside senators Larissa Waters, Scott Ludlam and Malcolm Roberts have also been disqualified.

The former Deputy Prime Minister has told The Australian if he wins the by-election, he will lobby for a referendum to be held on changing the Constitution to simplify the eligibility requirements for MPs regarding citizenship.

"We have a majority of members in the House of Representatives, even in the absence of Barnaby Joyce and. we have support from the crossbench", Mr Turnbull said.

Another two politicians under scrutiny, senators Matt Canavan and Nick Xenophon, were ruled to have been validly elected.