BJP leader tweets 'truth' about Vijay's religion, gets it from actor's fans

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There were two scenes in Mersal that the BJP objected to.

"The BJP is acting as a super film certification board and curbing democratic rights", DMK spokesperson A Saravanan said. Here is the deleted scene.Translation "Singpore with 7% GST provides free education and medical care to it's citizen without any partiality equally irrespective of rich and poor, where as we pay 28% GST, but inadequate government hospital facilities". The film has broken Rajinkanth starrer "Kabali" s record in receiving the highest opening day collections in Tamil Nadu.

Union minister Pon Radhakrishnan had on Friday asked for a scene to be removed from the film. "Don't silence critics. India will shine when it speaks". Mersal was certified. Don't re-censor it. Don't re-censor it. Counter criticism with logical response. He said that there could be laws for making documentaries which praise the government's policies. However, he did not say whether the BJP leaders demanded to remove the views that they had found "objectionable" or whether the producers will employ the cuts or not. "Imagine the consequences if "Parasakthi" was released today", Chidambaram tweeted.

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Actor Vishal, who is also president of the Tamil Film Producers Council now, has pointedly drawn attention to how those that are criticising the film the loudest haven't even bothered to watch it.

Looks like BJP members' demand to remove the GST dialogue from Thalapathy Vijay's Mersal is set to go in vain as none other than legendary Indian actor Rajinikanth came forward to support the film.

Mersal is the production house's 100 production and Ramaswamy said that the entire team had worked hard for a year to make the film and it was screened only after overcoming several hurdles along the way.