Counter-terrorism expert from NH talks about Las Vegas mass shooting

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On Tuesday, numerous more than 500 people injured are now reliving the terrifying moment when police say 64-year-old Stephen Paddock sent a barrage of bullets into a crowd of 22,000 concertgoers.

Authorities are still investigating the possible motivation behind what is now the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history.

"We didn't know him", Eric Paddock said.

In a statement on Monday, California time, Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles was monitoring developments after the attack.

"I anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody", Mr Lombardo said.

Two days after the Las Vegas mass shooting, some people showed their doubts over the reaction and investigation by the authorities, including why the special weapons and tactics team of LVMPD did not use snipers to kill the shooter and many asked how Paddock could carry so many guns into a famous casino in ten big suitcases.

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Adding more intrigue to the case is the news, confirmed to CNN by a USA law enforcement source, that Paddock recently wired $100,000 to the Philippines. Explosives were found at the home and in his Paddock's auto.

So far, police believe Paddock acted alone - which could make the motive harder to determine.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Sheriff Lombardo confirmed that Danley is a person of interest. Prior to the attack, Lombardo wired thousands of dollars to the Philippines.

The search for Danley initially spanned several countries, with conflicting reports that she could have been in Japan or the Philippines at the time of the shooting. "We are going to let her contact us if and when she decides she wants to". He had multiple homes, and he and Danley lived in at least three retirement communities. The couple separated in 1979 before their divorce was finalized in 1980 in Los Angeles County.

Kenny, a security guard who did not give his full name and works for Luxor Hotel, a casino next to Mandalay Bay, told Xinhua on Monday that he was on duty when the mass shooting happened and all guards with guns nearby were called to the scene.

Speaking to CNN affiliate KHBS, the daughters of Danley's ex-husband described their former stepmother as a "good and gentle person". There was reason to believe that Paddock had a history of psychological problems, one official said. Who is Stephen Paddock?