Fire Prevention Week Continues with Know 2 Ways Out

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Leighton said that especially rings true when looking at statistics, where most fire deaths occur during the sleeping hours between midnight and 8 a.m.

It's Fire Prevention Week and this year the message is "Every Second Counts - Plan Two Ways Out".

"No matter where you're at in that home, whether you're a child, an elderly person or anybody else in the home, they should know if that doors blocked, I can go out this door or that window".

Make sure your home address number is clearly marked and easy to see from the street. “If you have questions about using a second escape route when making your plan, contact your local fire department for advice.”.

The devices are more important now than ever because construction materials in modern homes can make fires spread even faster.

It's National Fire Prevention Week, which has been observed in America since 1925. "If you don't meet up together, you could think there is still someone in the fire and go back in, which could be catastrophic". We really believe that fire safety saves lives in the long run. In conjunction, Rowan University and the Glassboro Fire Department have advice for students on ways to prevent and respond to a fire. Free smoke alarms will also be made available to residents who need one.

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"[Some] common causes we find when responding to fire alarms on campus, is smoke from cooking, vaping, steam from a shower or using aerosol products too close to smoke detectors", McEvoy said in the email. Tuesday to mark the start of Fire Prevention Week and highlight the need for all families to have not one, but two escape plans.

"We've responded to fires where the smoke alarms either didn't work or the house didn't have any at all", said Nugent.

-Once you get outside, stay outside.

Claudio Mostacci, fire safety officer at the City of Hamilton, said people sometimes think they have more time than they actually do to leave the scene of a fire.

Part of the plan also includes what to do after getting out of the house.