How To Hack The Mini SNES To Add More Games

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While North American, European, and Australian retailers received the Super NES Classic Edition in late September, the Mini Super Famicom didn't launch until October 5. It must be noted that the trademark includes no details about the devices, but the image in the tweet makes is clear that it is for the gaming fans.

Given the success of the NES Classic, which sold out nearly instantly, it's no surprise that the SNES Classic has been all the rage since launching in Europe and the the end of September. The trademark does also cover "home video game console programs", however, so it will be interesting if this is just Nintendo resigning their properties, or whether some news is forthcoming concerning the handheld that revolutionized the industry. Some of the trademarks could be to protect the "Nintendo Classic Mini Game Boy" brand or they could simply be to protect the Game Boy brand.

Looking for something a little more universal? DarkGiygas created this awesome border, which mimics original Super Nintendo box art. "And the portable all-in-one system that doesn't deplete smartphone batteries could prove appealing to new fans", says Fortune.

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Back in 2005, Nintendo released a smaller version of the Game Boy Advance called the Game Boy Micro.

In fact a trademark filing discovered a few months ago seemed to indicate that the next console to be released in "Classic Edition" form would be the N64.

So, does this mean that a Game Boy Classic is in the works? Nostalgic games such as "Zombie Ate My Neighbors" is part of the list, aside from those already included in the original and official list. That move seems even more likely as the 30th anniversary of the first Game Boy will happen in 2019. The entire collection is definitely worth your time if you're into Nintendo history and just what goes into making a game.