Hurricane Ophelia becomes 10th Atlantic hurricane of 2017 season

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Hurricane Ophelia is meandering far out at sea in the eastern Atlantic, southwest of the Azores.

A STORM hurtling towards Scotland across the Atlantic has been upgraded to a hurricane, prompting concern among Brits.

Hurricane Ophelia is crossing the Atlantic Ocean and could bring wet weather and gusts of up to 70mph when it hits Britain's shores.

In weather terms however, it is still too early to say for definite whether this storm will impact Ireland to the forecasted strength as predicted, but as for now, it's current path suggests this will be a major weather event. Three Category 4 hurricanes - Harvey, Irma and Maria - made landfall in USA territories, and that has not ever happened on record!

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The storm was almost stalled Wednesday evening, with sustained winds of 70 miles per hour. That's according to Midland Weather Channel's Cathal Nolan who says the wind storm could have the potential to cause power disruption and the felling of trees. This set up brings some similarities to Hurricane Debbie way back in 1961 that was one of the most memorable and damaging storms in Irish history, thankfully Ophelia does not appear as ominous. This has not happened in 124 years, or since 1893.

Ophelia is forecast to drift northeast through today and to pass just south of the Azores into the weekend.

As we move into the start of the new week, Ophelia is forecaat to undergo extratropical transition, becoming a post-tropical storm.

The NOAA's National Hurricane Center (NHC) has warned that the storm will batter Ireland and the United Kingdom with torrential rain and powerful gusts.