Motorola unveils Smart Speaker MotoMod with Amazon Alexa integration

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As with other Prime Exclusive phones, this Moto X4 will be available at a discounted price, and in exchange you'll get personalized deals and ads on your phone's lock screen as well as preloaded Amazon apps. The Moto Mod Speaker with Amazon Alexa is equipped with four microphones, so you shouldn't have a problem with Alexa hearing your voice even if you're not holding your phone, or standing right next to it.

The latest smartphone to be added to Amazon's Prime Exclusive lineup is the Moto X4 by Motorola.

Just like the other Moto Mods, it snaps onto the back of the handset, and once it's in place, it essentially turns any compatible device such as the Moto Z2 Force into an Echo device. The information you ask Alexa will appear on your Moto Z Smartphone.

Just like the Google Assistant, Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon.

It's also packed with a 1,530 mAh battery pack that's touted to last up to 15 hours, which means that users can keep talking to Alexa for hours on end without draining their phones quickly.

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The only real reason why someone would want to purchase the module is so that they can have their Alexa on the go, with cellular data on tap. The dock is also designed in such a way that it can be used on the user's nightstand.

The Moto Mod smart speaker measures 153.2 x 73.2 x 22.8 mm in dimensions and weighs in at 168 grams.

The Alexa smart speaker Moto Mod comes with a dock design that's flawless for the nightstand. For the asking price, it is still a hard buy but we will know in November if there is truly a need for such an accessory for the Moto Z line-up.

Amazon Alexa only available in select markets, including the U.S., Germany and UK.