New PlayStation VR hardware includes small but welcome changes

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The Japanese firm intends to keep it straightforward with respect to the plan of the headset. While there's no launch date for that model in the USA, it may be worth holding off until it launches, especially because Sony is promising that prices won't change.

All games will continue to be compatible with both versions of the PSVR.

With model number CUH-ZVR 2, the PS VR 2 is getting ready for a grand launch and when it does it will have stereo earphones built into the headset. The connection cabling for the headphones has also been made slimmer in an effort to reduce the PS VR's over all profile.

HDR pass-through will allow players to use their PS4 in HDR without having to unplug the headset's HDMI and plug the headset directly into the TV, which is how things now work for PS VR owners. The VR headset was launched earlier this year at Rs 41,990 but is now available for Rs 37,990. The new headset will feature as a part of a new bundle along with the PlayStation Camera in Japan on 14 October.

New Sony PSVR CUH-ZVR2 Revealed

Pricing of PSVR and its various bundles will remain the same when the new version begins rolling out. As it stands, the PSVR headset works with the PS4 Pro, but when you have the PSVR's Processor Box plugged in, you can't use the PS4 Pro's HDR capabilities.

Sales figures reveal that Sony is ahead of its rivals by a significant margin in the VR category.

Generally speaking, this isn't the most exciting refresh in the world, but it certainly looks to rectify some of the slight design issues we experienced when testing the original headset a year ago. In comparison, Oculus managed to sell 246,900 units (an 11.6% market share), while HTC sold 94,500 headsets (a 4.4% share). Looking ahead, Sony promised that it will "continue to promote further expansion and diffusion of PS VR".

PlayStation owners who are wondering how to afford the upcoming plethora of games for the console can now rest, as Sony has unveiled a PlayStation gamer credit card.

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