Nintendo Drops Huge Hint That Smash Bros Switch is On its Way

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The company in their recent update added a bunch load of features including the ability to connect wireless headphones when in docked mode, allows players to transfer data to a new system and also enabled video capture support. Melee. Smash Bros. for GameCube is still huge in fighting game circles, and the GameCube controller is the preferred way to play it and its sequels - which is why there's a GameCube controller adapter for Wii U in the first place. Since the Switch doesn't have GameCube controller ports (remember the good old days of proprietary controller connectors?), you'll need to use some kind of adapter to get it to work.

The Switch 4.0 update also gives the News feed a fresh coat of paint and also a new feature that removes a particular channel's content from the feed when you unfollow it.

GameCube controllers are highly important in the Super Smash Bros competitive arena, with them lending themselves better to the fighting series' frenetic gameplay than other control methods. The pad will be recognized as a wired USB pad.

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The version 4.0.0 update for Nintendo Switch added a lot of surprising things, and chief among those is GameCube controller support. Once you plug in the adapter into the console, open the settings menu and press the L & R buttons together.

Getting the GameCube controller to work is easy. These include bumpers and the home button, so while you can play your Switch games with a GameCube controller, what you can ultimately do in-game is limited by those missing buttons.

Today, a great new update for the Nintendo switch is available. Now that the controllers work, perhaps we'll finally see Virtual Console support on the Switch in the near future.