Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2017

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Like previous events, there will be a special Pikachu for the event. In addition to being the flawless Halloween costume for Pikachu, the witch's hat is supposed to be an allusion to Mimikyu, an off-kilter version of Pikachu introduced in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

The Pokemon GO event runs through October 20th to November 2nd, introducing the first ghostly Gen 3 Pokemon before the full roll-out in December.

It's not clear if these new Pokemon will stick around afterward; Niantic have confirmed that the rest of the Gen 3 pack won't arrive until December. Those of you who like to dress up your avatar will appreciate being able to don the all-new Mimikyu Disguise Hat. There's not just new Pokemon to capture, but also, of course, a lot of candy.

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Pokemon Go has one final trick for its Halloween event in the form of a new Shiny Pokemon. A special edition Pikachu in a cute witch's hat will be available to catch during the event. The other 3rd Generation Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire will begin to appear in Pokemon Go starting in December 2017.

The announcement for the Pokemon Go event comes about a year after the first of its in-game events initiated with the first Halloween celebration, followed by the expansion of augmented reality in gaming and various other segments of the tech industry. Super Incubators, which were introduced during last month's Equinox event and hatch eggs 1.5 times more quickly, will also return to the shop.