Samsung introduces HMD Odyssey VR headset

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Halo Recruit is not a full Halo game. In addition to its use of the Window Mixed Reality system and the promised "highest display resolution in the VR industry", the new headset comes with built-in microphones, precise position sensors, and AKG headphones.

The PC-driven headsets that Microsoft is embracing illuminate the dividing lines among some of the world's most powerful technology companies as they all try to hook consumers and businesses on products and applications that blend the real world with digital versions of it.

"Standing on the threshold of the next revolution in computing!" "A revolution where we immerse ourselves in virtual worlds of our choosing and we accomplish seemingly impossible things while making lasting memories with the people we love", said Kipman. Last June, #Samsung was reported to be in the development of a VR headset with some fairly impressive specs like a 2,000 ppi display.

Speaking of Xbox, one burning question is whether Microsoft's games console will support WMR, having seemingly walked back its pledge to offer 'High fidelity VR" as "The next step change for gamers'. However, the game's multiplayer still turned out well, adding in some interesting new modes and features that brought more depth to the experience. Ross said it's, "Only scratching the surface of what the potential of a Halo MR experience could be". "Halo Recruit" was developed in partnership with our good friends, Endeavor One. The Samsung HMD Odyssey will be available later this year in the US, China, Korea, Brazil and Hong Kong, with pre-orders beginning in the US only on October 3rd.

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In a post on RoadtoVR, Ben Lang was able to get a first look at what Halo: Recruit gameplay looks like, ahead of the October 17, 2017 reveal.

All Windows Mixed Reality headsets coming "this holiday" are available to pre-order now.

The device will go on sale on November 6 and cost $499 with a pair of motion controllers.

With an adjustable control wheel, the Samsung HMD Odyssey is created to provide a comfortable and snug fit.