Security Officers fired over United Airlines 'dragging' debacle

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Footage filmed by other passengers showed that aviation officers dragged Dr. David Dao by his hands and feet down the aisle of an April. 9 flight bound for Louisville, Kentucky. Evans said aviation security officers would still be able to board planes in medical emergencies.

Chicago's inspector general on Tuesday confirmed earlier reports that the officers involved had suggested that it was Dao's fault that he struck his face on an armrest before he was dragged off the plane.

Chicago's inspector general (IG) office, which conducted an investigation into the April incident, said that the first security officer used excessive force and "escalated a nonthreatening situation into a physically violent one by forcefully removing a passenger from the aircraft".

One officer "made misleading statements in two reports" and the other "made material omissions in a report".

In the videos, officers are seen aggressively grabbing and manhandling a passenger - Dr. David Dao - who was reportedly selected at random to be removed from the overbooked flight so that his seat could be given to a United crew member.

Two officers who dragged a doctor from a U.S. flight have been fired while a third resigned, officials say.

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In his quarterly report, Ferguson noted that a broader review of aviation security is underway. There is "significant confusion" about the role that unarmed aviation security officers play in the layers of security that protect O'Hare and Midway Airports.

The incident proved to be a PR disaster for United Airlines and the management headed by Oscar Munoz, who is the CEO, were forced to offer a public apology and begin an investigation into the embarrassing incident.

Dao has already settled with United for an undisclosed amount.

"Do not state something that is clearly contrary to video viewed by the world", Thomas Demetrio, Dao's lawyer, said in a statement. The incident was filmed by several passengers and quickly went viral.

Dao suffered a concussion, a broken now and lost two teeth in the scuffle. "I hope he becomes a poster child for all of us, someone's got to", Demetrio said at that news conference, noting that Dao would need reconstructive surgery for damaged sinuses.