SNL: Kellyanne Conway Morphs Into Pennywise to Terrorize Anderson Cooper

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Last night's Saturday Night Live (SNL), hosted by The Big Sick writer and star Kumail Nanjiani, took aim at both Kellyanne Conway and the news shows that continue to invite her on-air.

Cooper begs off, but Kellywise persists: 'I'll give you quote.

He soon finds himself confronted with "Kellywise the Clown" in a sewer outside, mirroring the horror film's opening sequence.

A new Saturday Night Live sketch casts Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) as Pennywise from IT.

Cooper attempts to get away but Conway offers up something special.

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"I toned it down", Conway replies. But you can call me Kellywise. "How 'bout this? Okay, so Puerto Rico actually was worse before Hurricane Maria, and the hurricane actually did blow some buildings back together and I don't know why Elizabeth Warren won't tweet about that".

"What did you do to your makeup?" a frightened Cooper asks.

"I know. Do you want another one?" SNL has McKinnon's Conway try to entice Cooper off a bunch of outrageous talking points that she quotes created to grab ratings for the network, reveals that she's already enticed Rachel Maddow, and turns into Hillary Clinton. She said Trump and Tillerson had been sharing a sundae and Trump had asked Tillerson if he wanted more sprinkles, to which the Secretary of State responded: "more on". He warns "Cooper" against talking to Kellywise.

After Kellywise shows Cooper his greatest fears - headlines reading "Trump Re-Elected for Second Term" and "Anderson Cooper Fat" - the clown morphs into Clinton, who tricks the newscaster into reaching into the sewer for a copy of her book What Happened.