State Officials Urge Residents to Get Flu Shot

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He said the health unit had not received its shipments of the vaccine as of Oct. 11, but they usually arrive towards the middle or end of October. Speak with your doctor about whether you should get the vaccine each year.

The flu, also called influenza, is a disease cause by the influenza virus.

They are sending out letters to healthcare workers across England urging them to get vaccinated as soon as possible, to reduce the risk of them passing on the flu virus to vulnerable patients, especially older people and those with breathing problems such as asthma, pneumonia and emphysema. Almost 47 percent of Americans received a flu vaccine in 2016, and almost all of those vaccinations occurred early in the season. Those without insurance can go to a county public health center.

It's not so much about you getting the shot; it's about the people you could be giving the flu to. Dependents of students, however, can not avail this service for free as the SEBT plan does not cover for their flu shots.

Getting a flu shot is the best prevention for the flu and a guarantee to not miss class.

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Northcott said the Health Alliance will be having daily flu shot clinics for staff beginning October 19 until the end of November.

Those who are 65 or older can speak to their doctors about whether they'd benefit from a high-dose vaccine (Fluzone High-Dose), which is four times stronger than the standard shot, or the adjuvanted vaccine (Fluad), which has an additive created to elicit a more robust immune reaction. Even children can benefit from having a flu shot. It is therefore very important that they get vaccinated.

In Southwest Virginia, residents can now roll in, roll up their sleeves and arm themselves against the seasonal flu during a drive-through flu vaccine clinic at Mountain Empire Community College. Getting a flu shot will help keep students from catching the flu and missing class. Flu symptoms include fever and chills; cough, sore throat and runny or stuffy nose; muscles aches and joint pains; headaches and fatigue; nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

"Some kids who get influenza also, in addition to all that, get diarrhea with it, but it's not common in adults".