Sushma Swaraj seeks investigation in Sherin Mathews adoption

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Lawyers for Sini Mathews said she is cooperating with police in the investigation. Mathews has been placed on suicide watch in an isolated cell within the facility. He is charged with felony injury to a child.

Richardson Police are still waiting Tuesday for confirmation that the body of a small child found Sunday morning in a culvert about half a mile from the Mathews' home is Sherin.

A cause of death has not yet been established, said the spokeswoman, adding that it might take up to five weeks for the Dallas County Medical Examiner's office to release its findings.

According to the Newspaper, Wesley later told the police that she had choked on the milk.After Wesley's arrest by Texas Police on Monday, Nalanda DM Thiyagarajan SM formed a team to probe the method of Sherin's adoption.

The nodal body for adoption in India, Child Adoption Resource Authority, has also written to its American counterpart US Central Authority for details into the death of Sherin Mathews. So she wants answers about what happened before the girl's body was found in a culvert and her father was jailed, allegedly telling police the girl needed a special diet and choked to death on milk.

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Sini Mathews, meanwhile, has obtained a new set of attorneys, who said in a statement released October 25 that the mother knew nothing of what was happening to her daughter that evening. Sherlin was adopted by U.S. couple Wesley and Sini Mathews from the Mother Teresa Anath Sewa Ashram in Nalanda district on June 23 previous year.

People continued to stream by several memorials in honor of Sherin on Thursday near her home.

Speaking to the media, Nolte said they do not plan to provide any comment or interviews to the police at this time. But orphanage owner Babitha Kumari told television station WFAA the girl had no problems and that Wesley and Sini Mathews appeared loving when they were going through the adoption process. "We loved her laughter", Kumari said.

A team of volunteer search and rescue dog handlers who helped search for a slain toddler in Texas say the dog that helped find her caught a scent from a long distance and went to an area not scheduled to be searched.