Vegas killer described his unusual habits in 2013 lawsuit

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Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on October 1, revealing Monday that the gunman [or gunmen] shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert - raising new questions about why police weren't able to pinpoint the gunman's location sooner.

Parts of the Las Vegas strip went dark overnight for ten minutes, marking the exact moment one week ago that a gunman opened fire, killing 58 people and wounding almost 500 at an outdoor music festival.

"In coordination with the FBI's behavioral analysis unit, a comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspect's mental state and now we do not believe there is one particular event in the suspect's life for us to key on", Lombardo said. Campos had been investigating an alarm that went off in another room on the same floor, signaling that a door had been left open.

"The police officers themselves could've engaged Paddock and at least taken the gunfire instead of him shooting out at the festival", Giacalone said.

Police also said that the shooting only lasted 10 minutes, when they previously said it lasted for 11 minutes.

Las Vegas police Sheriff Joe Lombardo praised the team of courageous officers that stormed the killer's room, saying 'they prevented 1,000 deaths'.

Although Campos had radioed for police to come after the exchange, police officers found him "in the hallway" as they rushed to the shooter's room, Lombardo said.

The shooting spree began around 10:05 p.m., police said.

He had that written down and figured out so he would know where to shoot to hit his targets from there. That was when Paddock fired hundreds of rounds at the guard and a maintenance man, McMahill said.

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"No, it's not", Paddock then told him.

"I thought ... maybe it's something on top of the hotel", he said in an interview from Emporia, Kansas.

Lombardo said he thinks Paddock shot at the tanks to create a diversion.

During the press conference, Lombardo expressed frustration over the speed of the investigation, blaming Paddock's actions by saying he "purposefully hid his actions leading up to the event".

Federal investigators returned to search the home of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock on Sunday to recheck items. The FBI, Red Cross, and city and county officials are doing an "amazing job" on that front, Lombardo complimented, calling it "not an easy task to undertake".

Eric Paddock said that when Stephen Paddock's body is released, he wants to have his remains cremated and sent to their 89-year-old mother, who also lives in Orange County.

The cruises included stops at ports in Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, according to information provided by a law enforcement source who asked not to be identified because the source was not authorized to share information about the investigation.

"We do not know whether he had planned to cause additional harm outside of what occurred", Sheriff Lombardo said.

"A comprehensive picture is being drawn as to the suspect's mental state, and now, we do not believe that there is one particular event in the suspect's life for us to key on", Lombardo said.