And Horizon Zero Dawn DLC

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In a brand new trailer debuted at Sony's Paris Games Week 2017 Press Conference, it was revealed that Aloy - the protagonist to one of 2017's best games, Horizon Zero Dawn - will be a playable character exclusive to the PlayStation version of Monster Hunter World. And the good news is that players will get to opportunity to play as the "Horizon Zero: Dawn" main character and excellent dinosaur hunter, Aloy. The beta will run for three days and feature three quests, where players can join up with others online or take on the missions solo.

The beta will end on December 12, and the full "Monster Hunter" game will be released for the PlayStation 4 console early next year. The game is out January 26 on PS4, and Xbox One.

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Only in the dying few moments of the trailer does it appear apparent that this is a new tease for The Last Of Us Part 2. With Spelunky 2 , we get a chance to examine in depth what makes Spelunky unique and draw it out even more.

All of this and more can be seen in Arekkz's breakdown above.

Previous installments of the game franchise included similar costume changes, just like the "Legend of Zelda" armor in "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate", which was released on the Nintendo 3DS a few years ago. A Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration event quest will be available after launch and once completed will allow special materials to be obtained and used at the Smithy to forge special Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration equipment. That's why Capcom is collaborating with the makers of Horizon Zero Dawn to introduce Aloy's bow and armor, along with machine armor for Felyne companion Palico. The deeper players journey into the inner layers of the Rotten Vale, the tougher the environment gets with a risky and toxic mist blanketing the land obscuring the perils that lurk nearby until the very last minute. With drop in multiplayer, each hunter has their own story to tell - but will they live to tell it? Either way, it's a nice surprise and fans can not wait to play as her. Capcom has promised to release more information about the DLC as the game's launch date draws near.