Harrison Ford helps rescue woman from auto wreck

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Ford and other drivers on California State Route 126 helped the woman exit her vehicle before the police and paramedics arrived.

The actor was in the area with a friend when they heard the vehicle crash and headed over to assist, Alonzo said. He and several other drivers pulled over to help the driver. Together, they were able to help get the woman out of the auto as they waited for paramedics to arrive. It is unclear what the cause of the accident was, but fortunately the woman only suffered minor injuries. The California Highway Patrol is now investigating the incident.

It is not the first time life has imitated art for Ford, famous for his heroic roles as Indiana Jones and Han Solo in Star Wars.

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In February, Ford flew directly above an American Airlines Boeing 737 commercial jet with 116 people on it, the Daily Mail reported. Aside from the heroic auto crash rescue, Ford also assisted the NYPD during this fall by helping direct civilian traffic around another vehicular accident that occurred at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.

Once again, Harrison Ford has stepped into headlines (this time not for any plane incidents). Ford was reportedly not involved in the crash.