Is Little Debbie getting rid of a favorite snack?

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Little Debbie fans have been asked to put one of their favorite snack cakes on the chopping block. The announcement came through a series of Tweets.

The image shows four options; Christmas Tree Cakes, Nutty Buddy's, Oatmeal Cream Pies and Honey Buns.

Following the uproar of fans across the globe, Little Debbie delivered some satisfying news.

TODAY Food reports the wistful snack brand tossed up a foreboding message on Twitter Wednesday (Nov. 8), reading: "One gotta go forever".

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The Tennessee-based company, which is owned by McKee Foods, made no mention of the dilemma on its website. ESPN's Marty Smith even posted a photo on his Twitter account of Saban's secret stash.

Hint: Clearly, Christmas Tree Cake is not created to last beyond the season.

So, which one could you live without? Get rid of the honey buns!