Jared Kushner hands over documents to Robert Mueller

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Noting that special counsel investigators are now reaching Mr. Trump's inner circle, CNN reported that sources familiar with the probe say Mr. Mueller is interested in possible obstruction of justice issues regarding the Comey's firing.

The documents Kushner handed over were similar to those that he gave to congressional investigators earlier this year. And they have yet to learn the historical lesson from past presidential investigations, which is that it isn't the crime that gets them, it's the attempt to cover it up.

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Beyond Vanity Fair's reporting, Trump has been portrayed as "seething" over the indictments of three associates, his former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, Manafort's deputy Rick Gates and an unpaid foreign policy adviser, George Papadopolous. Separately, Trump official George Papadopoulos agreed to a plea deal, admitting he lied to FBI investigators. "It is very distracting to the president, as it would be to any citizen, to be investigated for something, while at the same time trying to carry the weight of what being president of the United States means on his shoulder", Mr. Kelly told Fox News this week. However, a majority of voters said in a recent opinion poll they did not believe the Russian Federation story was fake, and supported Mr Mueller's probe into the Trump campaign. Kushner attended the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between top Trump campaign officials and a cadre of Russian figures, including some with links to the Kremlin. Kushner didn't convince him to fire Comey, he was dying to fire Comey. While Kushner and those close to the White House will only say he was in favor of the decision - or, in the words of one attorney, "did not oppose it" - there are multiple sources who say that Kushner was a driver of the decision and expected it would be a political boon for the President. Trump's lawyer Ty Cobb has been advocating the view that playing ball will lead to a quick resolution (Cobb did not respond to a request for comment).

Former White House staff members-whether encamped at Breitbart News or anywhere else-are constrained by 18 USC 207, which governs "restrictions on former officers, employees, and elected officials of the executive and legislative branches". It's also unclear why Kushner would want Comey fired. Both pleaded not guilty. Mr Kushner has been widely reported to have pushed Mr Trump to fire Mr Comey, starting a chain of events which finally led to the Russian Federation probe.