Metal Singer Elected Virginia's First Transgender Official

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Victory Fund, a group that advocates for LGBTQ candidates, said Jenkins is the first openly transgender woman elected to the city council of a major US city. Dozens of Democrats - many of them political newcomers - unseated Republican incumbents in a wave of victories that surprised even those whose hope was unwavering. If Tuesday night is a precursor for the future, expect more LGBTQ people to run for office - and win handily.

In addition to this year's bathroom bill, Marshall was also the author of a now-void constitutional amendment that defined marriage as between one man and one woman, and sponsored a bill banning gay people from openly serving in the Virginia National Guard.

Meanwhile, Marshall also built his campaign by running transphobic attacks on Roem and accusing her of teaching pre-school students about gender identity. During her acceptance speech, she thanked her supporters and the trans community, saying: "To every person who has ever been singled out, who has ever been stigmatized, who has ever been the misfit, who's ever been the kid in the corner, who's ever needed someone to stand up for them when they didn't have a voice of their own because there is no one else with them, this one is for you".

Roem also argued that Marshall, who has served in the House since 1992, has spent too much time on social policy.

Marshall made Roem's gender identity a source of attacks in the campaign too, repeatedly using male pronouns to refer to Roem and sending out an attack ad on a flyer based exclusively around Roem being trans.

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Andrea Jenkins won a council seat in Minneapolis with roughly 73 per cent of the vote. Ravinder Bhalla became the first elected Sikh mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey.

"Ninety-two years later, Seattle is about to have a new woman mayor", she told The Seattle Times after her win. In 2009, she became the nation's first openly gay US Attorney after being appointed by then-President Barack Obama.

The election results on Tuesday night are significant.

"Transgender people have really good public policy ideas that span the gamut of transportation policy to health care policy to education policy, and yes, to civil rights as well", Roem said. Tyler Titus, who is openly transgender, won a seat on a western Pennsylvania school board.