Podesta Group, Mercury Are Companies 'A' and 'B' in Indictment

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"Now I'm the victim of a big lie campaign by the American President".

Podesta stepped down from the Podesta Group on Monday following indictments against former President Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and aide Rick Gates in an investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The former Hillary Clinton campaign manager slammed Trump as his family's lobbying group comes under scrutiny in the Russian Federation investigation.

"He and his brother [John Podesta] could Drain The Swamp, which would be yet another campaign promise fulfilled", Trump tweeted. The Podesta Group was one of several firms that were paid to do work on a PR campaign organized by Manafort on behalf of a nonprofit called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine.

On Monday, Podesta - Tony, that is - announced he was leaving the firm to concentrate full-time on his ties to special counsel Bob Mueller's investigation into Russia's attempt to influence the 2016 election.

Manafort was, among other things, indicted on charges of conspiring against the United States. Both Manafort and Gates have pleaded not guilty to all charges against them.

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Regardless, the indictment suggests Manafort and Gates acted as intermediaries between the lobbying firms and Yanukovych, despite their attempts to publicly distance themselves from the Centre's campaign.

Podesta's remarks came after Trump raised questions on Twitter about the lobbying firm that Podesta co-founded with brother Tony and its lobbying ties to Russian Federation.

Podesta also told staff that he "doesn't intend to go quietly, or learn how to play golf", and he "needs to fight this as an individual, but doesn't want the firm to fight it".

Both Manafort's firm and the Podesta Group filed FARA registrations for the ECMU work only after the payments were reported by the media previous year.

Dubbed on of DC's "50 heavy lifters" by the Financial Times and one of "Washington's biggest players" by The New York Times, Podesta turned his once-modest lobbying firm into a DC heavy hitter. The firm brought in an estimated $4.8 million in the third quarter of 2017, down from $6.1 million in the third quarter of 2016. "Podesta may pursue legal action, including for damages, in order to fully protect his rights, '" Carlson said on his Monday show.

Last week, Carlson said the Podesta brothers were "central figures" in the federal investigation. In what Mueller's team describes as a "scheme", Manafort and Gates put together a PR campaign to rally support in D.C. for Ukraine and its former president Viktor Yanukovych without properly registering with the USA government.