Putin pulls out of Syria

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The Kremlin said Putin briefed Trump in the phone call about his talks with Assad and plans for a political settlement in Syria.

Russian Federation is to end its military operation in Syria, President Putin has said, after surprise talks with his Syrian counterpart President Assad.

Putin said he planned to follow up the meeting with telephone calls to President Donald Trump, and to Middle Eastern leaders including the Emir of Qatar.

The Russian president also informed his U.S. counterpart of the forthcoming meeting between the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey aimed at finding ways to further normalize the situation in Syria while contributing to the political process in the Middle Eastern country.

Turkish, chiefodf staff HulusiAkar met with his Russian and Iranian counterparts in Russia's Sochi late Tuesday ahead of a trilateral summit scheduled on Wednesday between the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey.

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"I hope that in the very near future we will put the final point in the fight against terrorism in Syria, although it is clear that the centers will still exist, they will still emerge", Putin said. This week's visit is the second time Assad ventured outside his war-ravaged nation since the civil war began, both times to Russian Federation.

With the Syrian government controlling most of the country and Islamic State (IS) fighters in disarray, Mr Putin told Mr Assad at the Monday meeting that Moscow is about to curtail its military presence there.

Both men, who are pictured hugging in official photos, agreed that the emphasis in the long-running Syrian conflict has moved from military operations to the search for a political solution.

"We must admit that the operation made it possible to advance the process of political settlement in Syria".

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