Tripadvisor issues warnings against hotels where sexual assaults have occured

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Those who browse hotel listings on TripAdvisor may notice a new style of digital badge, which the travel website will use to denote hotels where a sexual assault has occurred. "Accordingly, you may wish to perform additional research for information about this property when making your travel plans", the badge reads.

All three resorts are high-ranking in popularity with TripAdvisor members. The badges will remain on a destination's page for up to three months and might be held longer if issues continue to be reported.

TripAdvisor came under fire this month after The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the company had deleted a review from a customer who said she was raped by a security guard at a resort. "However, if the issues persist we may extend the duration of the badge", says Kevin Carter, a spokesperson for the company.

A representative for the site told the Daily News that three hotels in Mexico have been badged since Wednesday.

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In the wake of accusations that TripAdvisor had deleted from its site posts about crimes against tourists, the popular travel website has implemented a badge to mark hotels where serious incidents are alleged. Tripadvisor said the review went against its policy of permitted reviews which used "family friendly" language. According to the report, "more than a dozen travelers from across the country have said TripAdvisor muzzled their first-hand stories of blackouts, rapes, and other ways they were injured while vacationing in Mexico". These badges are meant to be informative, not punitive. And no matter how many complaints a company receives, TripAdvisor will not remove their listing so as to benefit their users. "'No, we're not going to call the police ma'am, '" Love told CBS News. A simple search of TripAdvisor will show numerous reviews from travelers over the last several years who wrote about their first-hand experiences that include matters of robbery or theft, assault and rape.

Additionally, TripAdvisor said it has amended the communications about hearsay that it sends to its users, making "changes in order to be more clear about the reasons the review doesn't meet guidelines and what part of it is in violation".

And, he said, the company has "apologized to the victim for her experience". TripAdvisor replaced the comments with a generic explanation that the posts were "inappropriate" and "off-topic".

TripAdvisor, however, later restored the review and issued a public apology. In 2015, another guest was sexually assaulted at the same hotel and her comments were also rejected because the company claimed that a line about her doctor's diagnosis constituted "hearsay" by a third party.