U.S. isolated after Syria signs up to Paris climate pact

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad joins US President Donald Trump in being omitted from the list of around 100 leaders invited to Paris to strengthen the historic pact to curb global warming, clinched in 2013.

War-torn Syria would be the 197th country to sign on to the climate pact, which vows to hold global warming to "well below" two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Nor that Canada won't meet its 2020 or 2030 United Nations greenhouse gas reduction targets unless it buys billions of dollars worth of useless carbon offsets on fraud-ridden global carbon markets.

The U.S. was instrumental in the accord to limit emissions of carbon dioxide and combat man-made climate change when it was formed in 2015, though President Trump announced earlier this year that he was backing out to put "America first". They tweeted that to troll the Americans.

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Nicaragua, the only other country who had not signed the deal, agreed to join the Paris Accord in October. Nicaragua initially claimed that it wouldn't sufficiently address climate change, but the country changed its tune and signed on last month.

A statement from the State Department this summer saying that the USA had submitted its withdrawal request said the delegations would be sent to "ensure all future policy options remain open to the administration".

"As if it wasn't already crystal clear, every single other country in the world is moving forward together to tackle the climate crisis, while Donald Trump has isolated the United States on the world stage in an embarrassing and unsafe position", Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune told EcoWatch, in response to Syria's move.

Syria is also joining, and announced its move Tuesday at climate talks in Bonn, Germany, Der Spiegel reported. However, due to the terms of the agreement, the USA can not fully withdraw until 2020. The hottest on record was 2016, followed by 2015. The assessment, compiled from the research of several federal agencies, concluded that climate change was real and that human activity was nearly intensifying its impact, The Washington Post reports. El Niño is a powerful natural climate pattern marked by unusually warm water in the tropical Pacific Ocean, which can contribute to higher global temperatures.