WAPO: Fake allegation made against Roy Moore tied to conservative group

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One of Roy Moore's accusers has been outed as a fraud by The Washington Post. "Because of our customary journalistic rigor, we weren't fooled, and we can't honor an "off-the-record" agreement that was solicited in maliciously bad faith".

Phillips last week suggested meeting with another Washington Post reporter who co-wrote the same report as Reinhard, Stephanie McCrummen.

The Post also published video footage of one of its reporters speaking to the woman who claimed to be Moore's victim.

After finding a number of inconsistencies in Phillips story, WAPO decided not to publish her allegation against Roy Moore. Her cell phone area code was from Alabama, though the 41-year-old claimed she only lived there briefly as a teenager.

Phillips eventually told the WAPO reporter she didn't agree to go on the record with her story, then she got up and left.

The mortgage company that Phillips claimed to work for told the Post that she was not an employee there. And then Post researcher Alice Crites found a GoFundMe page posted earlier this year by someone named Jaime Phillips seeking donations to fund a move to NY after accepting "a job to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt [sic] of the liberal MSM".

As part of its reporting, the newspaper cited a GoFundMe fundraising page that bears the name Jaime Phillips of Atlanta. The group uses tactics that most journalists consider unethical, including assuming false identities to trick subjects.

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Their reporters confronted Mr O'Keefe about the alleged "sting" plot outside his office but he declined to comment.

Another of Project Veritas' members, former television producer Robert Halderman, was jailed in 2010 fir attempting to blackmail TV presenter David Letterman.

Phillips later met with McCrummen, who was accompanied by Washington Post videographers, and claimed she wanted Moore "to be completely taken out of the race".

Phillips acknowledged the ad as hers, but she said the job had fallen through - and that it had been a position she interviewed for at the Daily Caller, a conservative news website.

The apparent connection between Phillips and O'Keefe led the Post to take the rare step of publishing remarks that had previously been off the record.

They also brushed off questions about whether Project Veritas has been in contact with the Moore campaign. That information shows Phillips says she worked as a loan partner at NFM Lending in Smyrna for a few months in 2016. "Yeah, it was going to be with the Daily Caller, but it ended up falling through, so I wasn't able to do it".