Amazon rolls out its streaming music service in 28 new countries

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This service will let YouTube compete with Apple Music and Spotify.

Some other reports say that in order to provide official contents to this service, Warner Music Group has signed with a few prestigious channels such as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group. At the moment, Spotify boasts over 140 million monthly users while Apple Music has over 30 million subscribers. Now, its music streaming service Music Unlimited and Echo lineup of smart speakers will be available in a number of countries in Europe and South America. After the not so stellar performances of Google Play Music and YouTube Red, reports are saying they will be trying once again to launch a new service that will not just bring in revenue but also appease record companies who are asking for better revenue from YouTube. It may happen that Amazon Play Music will offer some discounts for its services in the countries which has recently been added here. That morphed into YouTube Red in 2016, letting users watch any video without advertising. The new service, code-named Remix, would include on-demand streaming and as well as YouTube video clips. Also, the music labels those have been pushing for money from the video streaming site with Youtube's music service.

YouTube must overcome several hurdles to meet a March target.

This rollout is part of a massive global push that started over a year ago, TechCrunch reports.

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Though the music industry had hoped Red would be devoted to music, YouTube has positioned it as a home for original video projects like science-fiction comedy "Lazer Team" and a reboot of "The Karate Kid".

YouTube has already hired Warner Music Executive Lyor Cohen to help manage its music operations.

According to Bloomberg, Alphabet Inc., the parent company for Google and YouTube, plans to launch a music subscription service as early as March 2018 in an effort to catch up to rival music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.