Anderson Cooper claims he was hacked after tweet calling Trump "pathetic loser"

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You can try all you want to not tweet, but eventually you will. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has been trying very hard not to tweet - and now his Twitter has apparently been hacked by an unknown party, which sent a very embarrassing tweet.

Trump tweeted that the "deck was stacked" against Roy Moore in the Alabama special election - which Moore lost - and claimed he said that Moore would "not be able to win the General Election". Trump noted that he had first backed Roy Moore's primary opponent, Luther Strange. You endorsed him you tool!

CNN says it's gotten to the bottom of Anderson Cooper's Trump-bashing tweet. and all signs point to a forgetful assistant.

Cooper later posted that he "just woke up to find out someone gained access to my twitter account" and was investigating.

Trump tweeted a message Wednesday morning weighing in on his flip-flopped candidacy support in the Alabama senate election. He says he has "not sent a tweet in days or replied to any tweets".

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The deleted tweet read "Oh Really?" According to CNN, someone took possession of the assistant's phone while he was at the gym and sent the tweet.

"Come on Anderson. We're ok with you telling the truth".

"We are looking into how this happened", he added.

Not everyone bought the freaky explanation for the tweet.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users were not convinced of CNN's explanation regarding the alleged hack.