Apple now allowing users to pre-order apps

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Apple's all-new App Store, redesigned from the ground up for an iOS 11 update that doesn't appear to be catching on quite as quickly as previous platform releases, is finally getting a pre-order feature. It's a fairly simple process, so expect to see plenty of apps available for pre-order in the coming weeks and months.

As an end user, buying apps via pre-order seems to make little sense because there is no guarantee that an app will turn out the way you thought. If you change the price of your app during the pre-order period, customers will be charged the price that is lower - the price they accepted for pre-order or the price on the day of release.

He declined to say how many customers had purchased the app or if Apple would provide refunds. First of all, if you pre-order an app, the app will automatically be downloaded to your phone within 24 hours of its release. Apple has also included an FAQ with further information about the pre-order process.

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Select Make available for pre-order, choose a date to release your app for download, then click Save in the upper-right corner.

That means you'll soon be able to find exact launch dates for the most exciting new iOS apps and games more easily than ever.

Developers who want to list an app for pre-order should visit the Pricing and Availability section of iTunes Connect, clicking the "make available for pre-order" option when submitting their app for review.