Exhausted of your Facebook friends' constant updates? Send them for a snooze

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Despite the timing of the announcement, Facebook has been researching well-being and trying to improve the news feed for a long time, a source familiar with the company's thinking said.

Everyone's got those Facebook friends who they don't want to unfriend but maybe post too many photos of their new cat or their vehicle.

One of the many factors that drove me away from Facebook more than five years ago was the fact that I had somehow amassed over 600 "friends" since joining in 2005. Once you snooze someone, you won't see anything posted by them for a 30-day period, after which they'll be back on your feed in full force.

Facebook users could already unfollow someone, hiding their posts entirely without unfriending, but the Snooze feature only mutes the posts for 30 days. You will receive a notification when a Snooze cycle comes to an end though, and it can be reversed at any time if you change your mind. But it is not only friends but also Pages and Groups that keep on appearing your News Feed. The people, Pages, and groups you snooze will not be notified.

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The idea is for people to have more control over their news feeds - in case they are having tensions with a friend or partner, or if people want to avoid certain topics. One of them stated that social media ruins our society. The social network says it wants to help.

For now, our Facebook here has not been updated with the new feature, but we should expect to see it here very soon, as Facebook has simply said it is rolling the feature out globally today.

You probably won't have noticed it yet but you can now find the button in the top-right drop-down menu of every post.