Flu Season Expected To be Harsher This Year

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That compared with 157 at the same time previous year. When more people are infected with the flu, there's more of a chance that these kids will become infected.

Patel said it is never too late to receive a flu shot, especially since so far this year, it looks like the flu shot serum that was projected ahead of time is turning out to be right on target.

The vaccine's effectiveness can vary based on what virus strains are in circulation, both doctors admitted, but say it's still better than nothing. This may be why so many people got the flu despite getting immunized.

The vaccine also takes about two week to provide full protection against the flu so it's advised you get a shot sooner rather than later.

Influenza vaccines, also known as flu shots, are vaccines that protect against influenza. Additionally, during the surveillance period, 566 laboratory-confirmed influenza-related hospitalizations were reported.

"There's no guarantee with any immunization that you won't be exposed to whatever it is that's trying to protect you", she said.

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The flu vaccine might not be as effective this year against a common and virulent strain, H3N2, but local public health officials say that's no reason to abandon the shot altogether. Additionally, if you are sick, then you will need to stay home and rest.

"They have a less tropical climate, one that's more like ours", Patel said in a news release.

Last year's vaccine was 39% failproof when it comes to all flu viruses and just 32% effective against the H3N2 strains.

"This is more typical of what we see most years", Shahab said.

"A universal vaccine would use conserved proteins of the virus - so it wouldn't change - or would change very little and then we would have the immunity for a long time", said Dr. Dana Hawkinson with the University of Kansas Health System.

Several areas throughout IL are experiencing heightened flu activity, and one preliminary report shows the flu vaccine may only be 10% effective. In 2016, the vaccine was 39% effective against all flu viruses and just 32% effective against the riskier H3N2 strain. "Most people have no reaction at all, other than mild soreness in the arm where the shot was administered". Yet, the problem is that the flu virus can mutate from one flu season to another which can render the vaccine ineffective.