Google Launches App To For Mobile Phone Users In Emerging Markets

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Google's new Datally app helps you monitor and save mobile data.

The app allows you to further save data by informing you if you're near public Wi-Fi and help you connect.

Google has taken another small step toward its mission to connect the "next billion" users with a new app created to optimize your mobile data usage.

She added that Datally's Data Saver feature would turn off background data for these non-essential functions as well as let one manage data usage on an app-by-app basis.

Available for phones running Android 5.0 or newer, Datally presents a visual glance at hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly data usage.

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Google has just reincarnated its previous data-monitoring app, Triangle as Datally. Users will also get personalized recommendations for how you can save more.

Google is been testing Datally in Philippines for the past few months, and people are saving up to 30 percent on their data. Unlike the built-in tools and third party applications, Datally has been built to work as seamlessly as possible with your Android smartphone. Suddenly, you find that all your mobile data has vanished into thin air without your knowledge. You can manually control individual apps, and tap on that lock icon to unlock it, and thus allow background data refresh. The app showcases data consumption by all the apps and enables users to shut off data flow in certain apps as per your choice. It also recommends ways they can save data by changing their usage habits.

If you're using Android for a long time, then datally Might not seem very new app to you. Google has released an app of its own which can help curb the extra costs that could be incurred due to this. That said, looking at the bad reviews SmartApp seems to have gotten on the Play Store, it doesn't look like it's going to be competition for Datally.

In addition, you get to track real-time data usage when using each of apps. Most of the complaints for Smartapp, it seems, appear to be around the wallet feature it had, and the recharge option that it discontinued.