KUMACA swine flu under control - Health Director

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People most at risk from flu-related death are people older than 75, and people living in less-developed nations, according to the study. At this same time past year, there were not any.

New Castle County has seen the highest number of confirmed cases with 24 people, while there have been 12 cases in Kent County and 10 cases in Sussex County.

News reports that the flu vaccine is only 10 percent effective, may have you thinking why even bother getting the shot. While a healthy person might experience flu as an inconvenience, that same person can pass the influenza virus to a highly vulnerable person (young child, older adult, person with a chronic disease, etc.), resulting in hospitalizations for many people.

"Estimates of influenza-associated mortality are important for national and global decision making on public health priorities", the report said. High flu activity has continued in 3 states - Louisiana, Mississippi, and SC - and laboratory testing of respiratory specimens shows that influenza A (H3N2) has continued to be predominant this flu season.

But because the flu can be deadly to all ages, and the vaccine can be life-saving, we chose to verify its effectiveness.

Did you have your flu shot?

"(It) evokes the complications of pneumonia, hospitalization, and-I'm afraid to say-dying, so if you need another reason to be vaccinated, you've got it", he explained.

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Based on this data, CDC believes that vaccine effectiveness estimates from last season are likely to be a better predictor of the benefits to expect this season against circulating H3N2 viruses in the US.

"It is important to get a flu vaccination every year, as flu strains are usually different from year to year", the county says.

Flu vaccination can also come in the form of a live-flu mist, but the CDC is not recommending that anyone get that this year because it's been less effective than the shot in recent years.

Dr Peter Salama, executive director of the World Health Organisation's Health Emergencies Programme, said the findings "highlight the importance of influenza prevention for seasonal epidemics, as well as preparedness for pandemics". "But it is a wise choice - it's a healthy choice".

It takes about two weeks for a flu shot to take full effect, officials said.

Rodriquez said that even if you get vaccinated in January, February or March, it's much better than not being vaccinated at all. "You can stay away from people that are sick and then help protect others if you are sick by staying away from them".