Lorde cancels Tel Aviv concert

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New Zealand singer Lorde has cancelled a planned show in Israel after facing pressure from supporters of a boycott of the Jewish state over its occupation of Palestinian territory.

Two days after she announced the cancelation of her Israel show, pop singer Lorde was invited by Israel's envoy to New Zealand to discuss the matter.

Lorde indicated she had read the letter by responding on Twitter. It has seen some success (Elvis Costello, Thurston Moore and Lauryn Hill all canceled appearances in Israel), but it has also inspired rebuttals by the likes of Radiohead and Nick Cave.

The ambassador will try to convince her to reconsider her decision.

"I've received an overwhelming number of messages and letters and have had a lot of discussions with people holding many views, and I think the right decision at this time is to cancel the show", Lorde said in statement announcing her decision.

"Lorde, I expect you to be a "pure heroine" like the title of your first album - a pure heroine of culture, void of any foreign political considerations, not to mention delusional ones", she said. "We hope that her actions will inspire Lorde's many young, progressive fans to carry on the movement and speak out against injustice". She has ignored the moderate voices, including the vast majority of Jewish Kiwis, who believe in dialogue and co-existence, and the leading musicians like Radiohead, Nick Cave, Guns N Roses and Justin Bieber who have performed in Tel Aviv in the previous year.

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She was supposed to play in Tel Aviv in June.

"Noted! Been speaking w many people about this and considering all options".

"If you canceled your concert in Israel, an imperfect liberal democracy, but not in Russian Federation, a ideal dictatorship that poisons its own dissidents, persecutes gays, and helped kill 500,000 Syrians, you're not being pro-human rights - you're just being anti-Israeli".

On Monday, actress Roseanne Barr posted on Twitter a link to The Jerusalem Post article about the concert cancellation, writing "Boycott this bigot".

By singling out Israel amongst other nations whose human rights abuses make any that Israel supposedly commit seem a drop in the ocean, shows the double standards and discrimination towards the Jewish State of those in the BDS (boycott, disinvestment and sanctions) movement.