Monday mayhem as schedules resume in Atlanta after 11-hour power outage

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Delta Airlines which use Atlanta as a hub said some diversions were in progress for flights heading to Hartsfield-Jackson.

Some industry experts predict it could take a few days before travel returns to normal in Atlanta.

Richardson says the family had just landed in Atlanta when the outage happened and sat on the runway for over six hours unable to deplane. The airport terminals were dark and crowded with travelers. "The people were helpless, they can't get down the stairs".

The FAA tower did not lose power during the incident.

A flight headed from the Quad-City airport to Detroit today also was canceled, although she said no reason.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported a pilot relayed a message to passengers saying a construction crew severed a power line that serves the airport.

He blasted airport officials, saying the problem was "compounded by confusion and poor communication".

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No areas outside of the airport were affected by the outage.

Georgia Power CEO Paul Bowers issued an apology and blamed the fire on a failure in a switch gear. An Atlanta city employee in a Santa hat gave out candy, and Delta employees handed out free doughnuts to people making their way to the parking lots.

Delta: Customers with checked luggage ending their travel in Atlanta can file a claim with a Baggage Service agent in the Atlanta airport or via Delta's website. The airline also encouraged travellers not to pick up their bags Monday because of anticipated congestion at the airport.

Juan Rivera, 46, arrived in Atlanta on Sunday on his way from Huntsville, Alabama, to Newark, New Jersey.

Passengers can do little but wait and wonder. Electricity was restored late Sunday night. "This is nothing compared to what's happening over there". As of this morning, the afternoon and evening flights still appear to be on time, she said. American Airlines canceled 24 departures and an equal number of arrivals, spokesman Ross Feinstein said.

Emergency lights flashed, ground traffic came to a halt and inbound passengers are stuck on their planes after power was lost at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta on Sunday. On average, 275,000 passengers pass through the airport each day. Almost 2,500 planes arrive and depart each day.