Patriots ban Brady's trainer from plane, sideline

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Since then, the Globe reports, many of Brady's teammates trained with Guerrero, with the bill going to the Patriots. Previously, players could visit Guerrero at Gillette and receive non-traditional treatments. Brady believes in him.

Brady also said that Guerrero "has been a huge, huge reason why I'm still playing" at age 40.

What are some of the ventures they've partnered in?


Besides the TB12 center, Brady and Guerrero have collaborated on a best-selling book "The TB12 Method", a nutrition manual, and a line of training foods and workout gear.

The question, which compared Brady to one of Belichick's children, required some imagination.

Forget yesterday's news. Get what you need today in this early-morning email. And now the Globe says Guerrero is officially banned.

What kind of relationship has he had in the past with the Patriots? .

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Guerrero's relationship with the Patriots has been, and still is, relatively unusual by National Football League standards.

ESPN's Adam Schefter told WEEI recently he had heard something about an issue between Belichick and Guerrero this season, but that he didn't know its source or any specifics about the situation.

Guerrero is a controversial figure. Once accused of falsely presenting himself as a doctor, the 52-year-old has reportedly drawn ire from those within the Patriots organization for his alternative treatment methods. Guerrero later stopped selling it. While Guerrero treated Patriots players and other TB12 clients there, investigators looked into allegations that he was practicing physical therapy without a license. State regulators in MA also intervened, believing he was practicing physical therapy without a license.

NBC Sports Boston's Patriots reporter Mike Giardi responded to the report by noting that Guerrero was seen by reporters on two occasions in the team's locker room last week.

What's his relationship now with the Patriots? .

Belichick's decision to remove Guerrero from team association makes sense. He was banned from boarding Patriots jets, his sideline access was revoked, and the only person he is allowed to treat now in his Gillette Stadium office is Brady.

There's been a longtime joke about how Belichick is so committed to winning, he'd even be willing to trade Brady at the end of his career if he felt it made the team better in the long run.