Portal Is Returning with An Unexpected Bridge Constructor Crossover

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Bridge Constructor Portal appears to have been leaked earlier than expected - with a speculated official reveal at the Game Awards later this week. In it, you'll solve puzzles that involve trucks crossing abyssal chasms, but unlike in other bridge building games like the recently popular Poly Bridge, you'll be able to use portal technology.

Portal's last full game was 2011's Portal 2, though its characters have since cameoed elsewhere.

Headup Games has announced Bridge Constructor Portal, a Portal-themed version of the ClockStone-developed bridge construction games. Bridge Constructor Portal combines the standout gameplay mechanic of Portal with engineering bridges to make some truly interesting creations! You'll build bridges across Aperture Science-like testing areas, utilizing seemingly every element from the Portal universe from Companion Cubes to the orange and blue goo from Portal 2.

Backing up a bit, if you've never played a Portal game before, I implore you to fix that problem.

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Valve may have an aversion to making games with the number 3 in them, but that doesn't mean franchises like Portal are dead. It's really cool that Valve is collaborating with Headup Games for this title.

Yes, this is what it looks like when I fan out over something.

The cunningly-named Bridge Constructor Portal launches for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as on mobile platforms via iPhone, iPad and Android.